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3 Day Hospitality Program

Now's the time to start planning your future

3 Day Hospitality Program

Now's the time to start planning your future

3 Day Hospitality Program

Our 3 day hospitality Course will allow you to gain new, job-ready skills for the demanding and quickly changing workforce. As industries in Victoria begin to open their doors, so too will the demand for skilled hospitality staff.

All of which will be opening very soon, and employers need staff now more than ever to fill this immediate demand.

This program creates a pathway to work in organisations such as restaurants, cafes, clubs, pubs, hotels and motels.

Now's the time to start planning for your future in hospitality, just in time for the busiest season!


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This Program is delivered in three parts:



SITXFSA001 Use Hygienic Practices for Food Safety
This program is the entry level unit of competency for food safety training within the Hospitality sector. It includes basic food safety practices such as personal hygiene and conduct, food handling, housekeeping and waste disposal and responsibilities where work involves preparation or serving of food.
Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA)
Completing an approved RSA certificate gives participants the skills and knowledge to contribute to a safe and enjoyable environment in licensed premises.


Barista Basics
In Barista Basics you'll learn to make the most popular espresso-based drinks, such as cafe lattes, cappuccinos, flat whites, long blacks, short blacks, ristretto, piccolos, short and long macchiatos, hot chocolates, mochas and magics. 
Latte Art
In Latte Art, learn to create free-pouring shapes and patterns such as the heart, rosetta and tulip, as well as common etching patterns such as the star, butterfly and spirals. Further your knowledge of milk texturing techniques to create quality levels of foam ideal for different types of coffees.


DAY 3 

Waitering/ Customer Service Skills

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