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Marketing Team

Marketing Team

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18 min read

Hair, Beauty, and Barbering Courses at TMG College, Australia

By Marketing Team on 12/05/2022 12:15:41 PM

Hair and beauty have been important to cultures and civilisation throughout time. The trends, standards and even products of beauty change over time, but what remains constant is the never-ending fascination with beauty, which is ritualised by cultures and civilisation.  

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1 min read

Virtual open day 2021 is coming!

By Marketing Team on 20/09/2021 8:30:51 AM

If you have any questions about studying at TMG College Australia, this is an opportunity to learn everything you want to know.

2 min read

R U OK? Day

By Marketing Team on 09/09/2021 3:05:34 PM

Thursday 9 September is R U OK? Day. It is a national day of action dedicated to reminding everyone that every day is the day to support those who are struggling in life and to ask: “Are you OK?”.

1 min read

Make the Most of Lockdown

By Marketing Team on 30/08/2021 1:36:10 PM

It seems that we'll be spending a bit more time in our homes.

Although it may feel as if our lives have been put on pause, this couldn't be further from the truth.

2 min read

National Skills Week

By Marketing Team on 27/08/2021 4:00:50 PM

National Skills Week is committed to showcasing the many benefits of vocational learning. Vocational Education and Training Providers (VET) such as TMG College Australia, are industry informed to provide you with the workplace relevant skills and technical knowledge to help advance your career.

2 min read

Skills That Increase Your Employability

By Marketing Team on 23/08/2021 3:03:59 PM

The Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC) has submitted its 2020/21 National Industry Insights report (NIIR). This report is an in-depth analysis of industry skill requirements and trends that will impact the current demand for skills at both a national and cross-industry level.