Build up your personal branding, learn how to network for success, and discover how to find employment and break into the Australian job market.

On Thursday November 22 2018, TMG College Australia, AFIS and Be You Be Scene (BYBS) invited both current international students and the general public to attend a free practical learning session being held at TMG College Australia’s City campus.

TMG College Australia’s Chairwoman, Malka Lawrence was the first to present with her ‘Marketing Yourself Into a Job’ workshop, which focused on building a strong personal brand for employment. Understanding your values to market yourself into jobs is one of the most important skills that help international students thrive in their studies and future careers, and Malka provided plenty of strong advice.

Up next was a group of past students sitting on a panel to discuss and share their success stories and recommendations on how to market yourself in the job market while studying or recently graduating. All panel members were able to offer plenty of relevant advice on how to present yourself professionally and enjoy yourself at the same time too!

Sitting on the panel was Pragya Kapil – Future Alumni Award Recipient and student leader at Victoria University, Raymond Hieu Tran – Intern at National Australian Bank and Leadership Facilitator at Hoodic, Sam Shlansky – Victorian Multicultural Commission Excellence Award Youth Winner 2018, and Hao Teo – Founder of IDibs.

There was then a thought provoking performance from the Be You Be Scene team, which with emotion and outstanding performances presented the voice and experience of International students. Through the performance we shared their journey.

A lively discussion followed the performance where issues highlighted were discussed. This was followed by a discussion on how to address the issues identified, how to identify mentors and people who support you through your journey as an International Student.

Afterwards pizzas and refreshments were enjoyed by all and attendees were encouraged to meet and greet with everyone. Overall, it was an amazing session in which international students were able to express and explore issues impacting their lives in Australia, especially related to job opportunities.

Stay tuned for other exciting International Student events to come.