On the morning of March 30th, the launching ceremony of the China-Australia TMG College Australia  “Australian Aged Care Standards & Practices Program”  took place at the Shengquan Shidao Happiness Apartment. At the same time, The China-Australian TMG College Australia:  “Australian Aged Care Standards & Practices Program Shengquan Education Base” was also proudly introduced. Malka Lawrence, Chairman of TMG College Australia ; Kevin Cranfield, Managing Director of Bentleys NSW Pty Ltd; Qiu Yimo, Chairman of Shengquan Group; Yang Guang, Managing Director of China-Australia Aged Care Management Co., Ltd.; Qiu Yangmo and Liu Yuli, Vice Presidents of Shengquan Group, attended and took part in the Launching ceremony.

The Chairman of TMG College Australia, Malka Lawrence, in her address to the dignitaries and representative of Chinese schools who attended the ceremony said that the need for trained, skilled Advanced Aged Care Professionals to  look after an aging population is a common problem faced by the international community. In recent years, due to the continuing, large growth in and the increasing demand for Advanced Aged Care professionals in China, TMG College Australia in partnership with the Shengquan Group has developed the Australian Aged Care Standards & Practices Program for the Chinese Aged Care sector. TMG’s Aged Care program provides a benchmark and best practice model for China’s Aged Care Service industry. The Shengquan Group has played an important role in promoting the development of the TMG College Australia – Australian Aged Care Standards, Practices and Skills Program in a historical China/Australia partnership. TMG College Australia with the cooperation of the Shengquan Group will deliver the first Australian Aged Care Standards & Practices Program in China in May 2019. Malka Lawrence said the Australian Aged Care Standards & Practices Program will develop a new and important Job Role for the Chinese Aged Care sector: the Advanced Aged Care Professional. The program and job role will provide a new and exciting career opportunity for young people in China and will attract more people and enterprises interested in working in the emerging  high quality Aged Care sector in China.

This exciting collaboration between the Shenguan Group and TMG College Australia will promote the business relationship between a local Australian company, TMG College Australia, and the  Chinese listed company, promoting quality Aged Care training and skills development programs between China and Australia., adapted to the Management and Aged Care talent development of the multicultural work environment.

Qiu Shijie, the general manager of the project and the general manager of Shanghai Shengyu Pension Co., Ltd. introduced the project. and together with  Malka Lawrence unveiled the China-Australian TMG College Australia – Australian Aged Care Standards & Practices Program in collaboration with the Shengquan Education Base.

TMG College Australia works with industry, government and community groups to provide quality Aged Care training and skill development programs that are highly regarded by the Aged Care sector. TMG College Australia will collaborate with the Shandong Shengquan Group, using their training and education base, in China, to deliver the Australian Aged Care Standards & Practices Program to 28 senior Aged Care staff of the Shengquan Group. A memorandum of Understanding that encapsulates this exciting new venture was signed at the meeting.

Australia is recognised globally for its high standards in the areas of Aged Care Processes, Procedures, trained Aged Care Professionals and the Implementation of high quality Aged Care service delivery.  It has established a comprehensive aged care service and skilling program and has internationally recognised experience in the field of aged care and community services delivery.

The 28 Shengquan Aged Care professionals selected for the first Australian Aged Care Standards & Practices Program will further enhance the overall standard of Shengquan’s quality Aged Care services as a result of their participation in the Aged Care Program facilitated by TMG College Australia, a highly respected, globally recognised provider of quality Education and Training. Qiu Shijie, General Manager and General Manager of Shanghai Shengyu Pension Co., Ltd. said that the Australian Aged Care Standards & Practices Program will provide a solid foundation for the Aged Care services operation of Shengquan Group.” Said

The China-Australia cooperation will greatly promote the upgrading of Shengquan’s Aged Care Service standards, and will also contribute Australian wisdom, Expertise and Experience to the Continuous Improvement and development of China’s Aged Care Service Standards, Policies and Procedures.