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SBAT Courses

9 School Based Apprenticeships & Traineeships (SBAT) courses across 8 industries.


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What is an SBAT?

School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships (SBAT) offer students an option of combining secondary school, part-time employment and training. The program is undertaken under a Training Contract with an employer.

SBATs let you start a traineeship or apprenticeship in year 10, 11, 12 during your VCE or VCAL. You’ll get paid for your part-time work, finish school with a  qualification and get valuable hands-on experience at the same time.

SBAT Course Guide 2020 TMG College Australia


Get Paid To Learn

SBATs give you valuable work-experience and you can earn money while you’re at school.

Get A Head Start

Leave school job ready. SBATs give you a head start in the job marketplace.

VCE / VCAL Credits

Get credits towards your VCAL and VCE, giving you the option of further study after school.


  • Advantages

    While undertaking an SBAT at school you may:
    • Incorporate school, vocational training and work
    • Gain credit toward their VCE or VCAL certificate
    • Get a jump start in your career / Gain work experience
    • Stay at school while acquiring a qualification
    • Earn money

  • Who is Eligible?

    An SBAT can be undertaken by students who are:
    • Enrolled in a secondary school in Victoria (either VCE or VCAL)
    • At least 15 years of age
    • Australian or New Zealand Citizens or Permanent Residents

  • Traineeship Requirements

    A traineeship includes the following requirements:

    • An employer agrees to employ and support the student for the term of the traineeship period
    • The student agrees to follow instructions and attend off-the-job and/or workplace-based training
    • If ownership of the business changes during the traineeship, the new employer does not have to continue with the Training Contract
    • Under a Traineeship both the student and the employer can cancel the Training Contract. There is no need for a mutual agreement.
    • Once the probationary period has been completed the Training
    Contract can be cancelled only if the employer and student agree.
    Any disagreement regarding the Training Contract can be resolved by contacting the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority (VRQA).

  • Scored Assessment and ATAR contribution

    Students undertaking an SBAT would typically not undertake scored assessment in their SBAT qualification. Contribution towards the ATAR would be as a consequence of the student achieving a Unit 3 and 4 sequence from their SBAT which may provide a 10 per cent, 5th and 6th study increment.

    Students wishing to access a study score from their SBAT qualification would need to complete units 3 and 4 from the VCE VET scored program as a separate enrolment to their SBAT.

  • When Can You Enrol?

    At TMG College Australia we have developed a term intake based on the needs of the students and schools. You are able to enrol at the start of every term in your desired course.

    Prior to enrolment you need to discuss with your parent/guardian and your school, your intent to enroll into an SBAT. The school is required to send an Expression of Interest form to us in order for the enrolment process to commence.

  • What You Should Bring To The Enrolment Session

    At the enrolment session you will need to provide the following documentation:

    • Photo ID

    • Medicare Card

    • Birth Certificate or Passport

    • Certificate of Australian Citizenship/Permanent Residency

    • Healthcare Card (if applicable)

    • Unique Student Identifier (the school can provide you with this)

    • Victorian School Number (the school can provide you with this)

    • Copy of any previous qualification/s

    You will be required to complete all the relevant paperwork at the enrolment session. If your parent/guardian can attend an enrolment session with you, the enrolment process can be much quicker.

    Additionally because you are most likely under the age of 18, your parents’ signature is required for your Training Contract to commence.