No matter what industry you are in, investing in training through an Australian Apprenticeship can provide your business with real benefits and contribute to your bottom line.
No two businesses are the same, and that is why Australian Apprenticeships have been designed to be flexible, while at the same time providing nationally recognised quality training developed by industry for industry.
Australian Apprenticeships covers all apprenticeships and traineeships. They combine time at work with training and can be full-time, part-time or school-based.

There is likely to be an Australian Apprenticeship to suit your business needs, as they are available in a variety of qualification levels in more than 500 occupations across Australia, in traditional trades, as well as a diverse range of emerging careers in most sectors of business and industry.
If you are an employer considering hiring an Australian Apprentice, watch the Real Prospects: Australian Apprenticeships for Employers video.

Australian Apprenticeships provide a range of benefits for your business:

  • People trained to your business requirements.
  • Offered in a range of industries.
  • Offered at all certificate levels up to Advanced Diploma.
  • Flexible choice of timing, location and nature of the training to suit your business needs.
  • User choice funding from your State or Territory Training Authority.
  • A range of financial incentives for eligible employers.
  • Can be full-time, part-time or school-based, depending on what suits your business.
  • Nationally recognised qualifications and competencies.
For more information, read the Employing an Australian Apprentice – A Smart Business Decision brochure.
The Australian Apprenticeships Incentives Program provides a number of incentives to assist employers who take on an Australian Apprentice, particularly where the Australian Apprenticeship is in a trade experiencing a skills shortage.
Eligibility for incentives under the Australian Apprenticeships Incentives Program may be affected by the duration of the employment relationship you have with your current employee.
For more information, please visit: Summary of AAIP Overview